• 2023/04/01

    Nankai Electric Railway has become an official “Pokémon GO” partner.

  • 2023/04/01

    Nankai Electric Railway's train stations, bus stops, and commercial facilities are now PokéStops.

  • 2023/04/01

    Photo spots have been set up at Namba Parks and Namba CITY.

  • 2023/04/01

    Featured in the April issue of "Natts", an information magazine for Nankai Railway Line.

ABOUTRegarding the Nankai Electric Railway × Pokémon GO Partnership

Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd. has partnered with Niantic, Inc. and the Pokémon Company for location-based AR game Pokémon GO. Trainers will be able to visit the locations and make the outings more fun from April 1, 2023.

PokéStops will be installed at approximately 1,600 locations at train stations, bus stops, commercial facilities, and other facilities along the Nankai Line.

RECOMMENDED COURSESRecommended Course for touring PokéStops


Visit PokéStops:

Namba Course

  1. START

    Namba Station

  2. Ebisubashi Bridge (Glico Sign)

  3. Ukiniwabashi Bridge

  4. Nippon-bashi Bridge

  5. Ebisubashisuji Shopping Street

  6. Namba Parks

Namba Course


Walking on a World Heritage site:

Koyasan Course

  1. START

    Koyasan Station

  2. In front of Kongobuji Temple
    (Rinkan Bus)

  3. Koyasan Digital Museum

  4. Danjo Garan

  5. Kongobuji Temple

  6. Ichinohashi

Koyasan Course


A leisurely stroll through the castle town:

Wakayama Castle

  1. START

    Wakayamashi Station

  2. Wakayama Oimawashi-mon Gate

  3. Wakayama Castle Park Zoo

  4. Oka Park

  5. Wakayama Castle Otemon Gate

  6. Burakuri-cho Shopping Street

Wakayama Castle Course


  • 泉北高速鉄道株式会社
  • 阪堺電気軌道株式会社
  • 南海バス株式会社
  • 南海ウイングバス株式会社
  • 関西空港交通株式会社
  • 徳島バス株式会社
  • 四国交通株式会社
  • 徳島バス阿南株式会社
  • 徳島バス南部株式会社
  • 和歌山バス株式会社
  • 和歌山バス那賀株式会社
  • 南海りんかんバス株式会社
  • 熊野御坊南海バス株式会社
  • 南海フェリー株式会社
  • 株式会社パンジョ
  • 南海商事グループ
  • 南海国際旅行株式会社
  • 株式会社中の島
  • 熊野観光開発株式会社
  • 南海ビルサービス株式会社
  • eスタジアム株式会社

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